Children’s classes start from age 6 continuing upwards. These classes are primarily based on oral communication creating a comfortable atmosphere for every pupil to begin speaking and learning a new language. Using a variety of material (games, songs, video clips and textbooks) they will develop their knowledge of the English language along with the acquisition of new vocabulary and grammatical structures.

First Certificate Exam Class/Cambridge Advanced Exam Class

These classes generally run as a two year course. They are focused on preparing for and learning how to complete each part of the exam.

There are five parts: Listening, Speaking, Use of English, Reading and Writing. We prepare students mainly by use of a text book, learning vocabulary and grammar structures necessary for each level.

In our classes students will also take exams from previous years in order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of how to achieve the highest mark possible for the Exam.

Adult Classes

We offer a variety of classes with different levels and methodologies that cover our students’ needs. We provide general English classes, conversation classes, official exam preparation and business classes.

We encourage students to suggest what needs to be reinforced, making every class a more personalised and dynamic experience.

Private Classes

Private classes are for students that may have a complex schedule, reduced availability or are studying for something specific. These classes will be developed according to the necessities of the student.