Spanish Classes

Do you want to improve your Spanish this summer? Premier English Academy in Madrid is offering Adult Spanish Classes during July and August, Monday to Thursday, morning or/and afternoon. It will be a great way to make friends, have fun and ultimately improve your Spanish.


Intensive Course (4 classes per week)

Super Intensive Course (8 hours per week)

Classes are in groups of 3-7 students. You can also add private classes to your course if you require more individual attention.

Our Spanish Summer Courses are personalized as much as possible in a flexible fashion based on the needs of each new student joining every Monday, and that’s why, curriculums are carefully planned week by week.

You will enjoy our dynamic and well-structured classes with a communicative approach which are, of course, completely in Spanish taught by our dedicated teacher: a native Spaniard born in Barcelona and raised in Madrid with more than 10 years’ experience.

We offer a range of different courses based on your needs at any level: General Spanish, Preparation for DELE exams and Business Spanish.

We will be offering extra activities on Fridays that we will organize week by week depending on your particular interests: Spanish movies, tapas tours, visiting hidden corners and museums of Madrid, cooking classes and many more!

After finishing your course, you will get a certificate with an optional end of course exam.

Intensive CourseSuper Intensive Course
Weeks 1-4€40€80
Weeks 5-9€35€70

If all this sounds good to you, let’s start with FOUR easy enrolment STEPS:

First step: We’ll need you to take an online placement test that will take you around 15 minutes and that will provide us with a very good estimation of your level. You can take the test here.

Second step: Once you’ve finished your exam, please complete the contact form with your personal details, plus your preferences regarding timetable and type of course. Also, any questions or doubts you could have or any further information about you that you believe we should know.

Third step: We promise to get back to you ASAP to welcome you, solve all your doubts, confirm that you got a place and your timetable (we’ll try to adjust to your preferences as much as we can).

Fourth and last step: We will need a payment for half of the course you are going to book (Intensive or Super Intensive Course for as many weeks as you want, or Private Classes) the rest of the course being paid on your first day of class.

Cancellations made a week before the class is due to start will result in 75% refund of the reservation price.

Cancellations made less than a week before the course is due to start will result in 50% refund of the reservation.

The payment will be made by bank transfer or in person at our academy.

Don’t forget that at any time during the process of enrolment, you can contact us with any questions or doubts that we will solve ASAP.

¡Eso es todo! 4 easy steps to get started and significantly improve your Spanish once and for all!

Take the online level test and register your interest